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Why Install a Smart Thermostat?

A thermostat is an essential part of every home; it is equally useful in both summer and winter. It helps to regulate heating, cooling, and turn the devices on or off when the temperature becomes comfortable. A smart thermostat has all the benefits of a traditional thermostat with the added convenience of controlling it remotely. A smart thermostat is also called the WIFI thermostat; it comes with an accompanying smartphone app and a web interface. You simply have to sync your smartphone app to the thermostat and control your home’s temperature through WIFI from anywhere. A smart thermostat can also be controlled by a laptop using a web page in case your phone has run out of battery or you forgot to carry it with you. Following are the few reasons to replace your thermostat with a smart thermostat:

Save Energy

The most compelling reason to install a smart thermostat is, perhaps, to save energy and its costs. The advantages of saving energy are twofold: first, it helps to reduce electricity costs by eliminating non-essential use of heating and cooling systems; second, it helps to reduce energy consumption which is essential for the environment. Smart thermostats can be programmed such that they turn the heating and cooling on when someone is inside the home. A smart thermostat can switch to power saving mode when you leave your home. Smart thermostats are often equipped with motion detectors, they start regulating temperature when someone arrives at home.

Control Remotely

Smart thermostats, in addition to being programmed, can also be controlled remotely. You can send alerts to your thermostat to change its heating/cooling schedule if you are arriving early or running late than usual. If you are at work and you have children at home than you can adjust your home temperature quite easily on your fingertips. If you run a business or maintain more than one house than you can control all of them while commuting or during business dealings.

Usage Tracking

In addition to controlling different devices and regulating temperature, smart thermostats are connected to cold storage and our smartphone. It logs usage data and preferred temperature patterns. You can see usage history through your phone. Usage tracking helps to see if energy can be saved by making different adjustments, such as eliminating extra usage of a few minutes here and there and saving costs.


Smart thermostats come with another useful feature of scheduling. You can schedule, in advance, different usage arrangements such as an upcoming vacation or arrival of guests. Smart thermostats, once scheduled, learn from daily usage patterns and can make decisions depending upon the change in weather. Smart thermostats make temperature control hassle-free and easy.

Ease of Install

Some people avoid replacing their conventional thermostats with a smart one because they consider this process to be cumbersome and technical. This cant is any further from reality, Normally, you just need to disconnect the power, take the old thermostat out and cut the wires, put your new thermostat in and connect the wires, reconnect power, and voila you are good to go. You only need to be careful about labels of the wires, connect wires with each other with the identical label.

So, start saving energy and help the environment, reduce costs, and regulate your home temperature like a pro using smart thermostats.

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