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Pros and Cons of Aluminum Wiring

The aluminum wiring had been in use since the invention of electricity. A war type situation had emerged in the 1970s regarding the use of aluminum or copper in the electrical wiring. The use of aluminum was because of the many good reasons that aluminum bears. Though, at the same time aluminum bears a lot of disadvantages as well. Therefore, over time with powerful knowledge and improved research has proven that the aluminum wiring system is no more effective and is also not reliable or cost-effective. This was the era to end of aluminum wiring. This article, however, deals with the pros and cons of aluminum wiring Calgary.

Pros of Aluminum Wiring

The aluminum wiring possesses numerous advantages which are explained below in detail.

  1. The aluminum wiring is very inexpensive. Aluminum wiring is cost-effective and brings saving.
  2. The quantity of aluminum can be used less for wiring when compared to copper.
  3. It is very easy to work on aluminum wiring when compared to copper wiring. It is a fact that aluminum wires must not be bent, however, its pliability makes it very easy to be installed. The aluminum wiring can be installed in difficult locations as well with ease.
  4. The lightweight of aluminum makes it perfect to be used in industrial applications where weight is a matter of concern.

Cons of Aluminum Wiring

Despite the success of copper to be used in most wiring applications, aluminum is still used in a few and one must know of its reasons for the downfall. The disadvantages of aluminum are explained below in detail.

  1. There are certain fire hazards associated with aluminum. If aluminum wiring installed improperly or corrode it bears risks of fire.
  2. The insurance companies are not sure of giving you insurance if you have aluminum wiring is placed. Even if a certain company agrees on insurance, they would demand a huge premium.
  3. The aluminum wiring is requiring dedicated parts such as lugs, screws, and other terminal parts which are needed to be approved through compatibility tests.
  4. The replacement of aluminum wiring is more than copper wiring because of the wear and tear that it has.
  5. The aluminum wiring can only be troubleshot by an expert electrician.

Guidelines for Aluminum Wiring

You have to remember that you must work through a licensed, professional, and experienced electrician who is aware of the special care and concern needed for aluminum wiring. The electrician must be aware of proper design for wiring and installation procedures. Moreover, you must be aware of the special concerns that may arise when you have to undergo the repair work of aluminum wiring needed for ensuring the safety of your vicinity.


If your house or nationhood is having aluminum wiring then you are not necessarily in need to replace it with copper wiring. However, you must get the electrical system checked by an experienced electrician. This is because aluminum wiring has been wrongly installed decades back which majorly resulted in hazards. Therefore, you may not get a chance of a hazard and make the installation right before any chaos occurs, as they say, prevention is better than cure.

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