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Should I Get Solar Panels For My Business In Canada?

If you own a business in Calgary, you’ll know that the energy bills to heat and light large properties are on a much greater scale than the average home, costing thousands of dollars per month. Oil, gas, and coal are traditionally used to generate the electricity your business consumes, and as a company, you can sometimes pay a premium for this type of energy source, especially if there is a price hike. 

But is solar paneling in Calgary an effective way to reduce your energy bills and generate cleaner, greener, renewable energy? Here we will look at some of the main benefits of fitting solar panels to your Calgary business and the potential savings you could make. 

Reduced Carbon Footprint

There’s a good feeling knowing that you aren’t damaging the environment every time you flick the light switch on in your business premises. Customers too are becoming more eco-conscious and are increasingly flocking to businesses which are taking active steps to reduce their impact on the environment. With solar panels, you can create a percentage of your energy needs directly. You can even go one step further and purchase electric vehicles for your business and install charging points. 

Save Money

It goes without saying that installing solar panels in Calgary for your business is going to reduce your overall energy bill each month with the energy companies. There is an initial outlay, however, that cost is recouped in the months and years ahead as the panels continue to work year-round. When you fit a solar installation to your business, you are guaranteed to see a reduction in bills, and the more panels you have, the more you save. 

Large Or Small Businesses

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small store on the main street or a large warehouse, installing a solar panel or a whole array of them is going to make you much more independent when it comes to your energy needs. You can have solar panels fitted just about anywhere on the property provided that it receives enough sunlight from morning to night. We have many options to choose from, and each solar installation is created bespoke for your business. 


Modern solar panels have extensive lifetimes of around 25 years, so once installed on your business premises they will continue to operate for decades without needing to be replaced. Basic annual maintenance may be needed to clean the panels from debris so they can function at their best. What’s more, in that timespan too you can even sell energy back to the energy company for profit, especially on days when your business premises is closed and not using lots of electricity. 

Thinking of installing solar panels in Calgary for your business? Reach out to us today and we’re happy to provide a quotation on how much solar panels cost for your specific needs. We will also be able to help you calculate the potential cost savings you will reap from the installation over the next few years. 


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