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How Much Energy Do Solar Panels Create?

Solar panels are as popular as ever, with more people choosing to go for solar installation as a way to reduce their bills and improve their environmental efforts. If you haven’t yet taken the plunge then you may be wondering whether solar panel installations are worth investing in or not? To help your decision-making process, we’ve provided all the information you need on the amount of energy your future solar panels may provide, helping you to make an informed decision that works for you.

Calculating Your Potential Solar Output

Before you can decide whether solar energy is right for you, it is important to work out the potential energy you could create when you choose to install solar panels. Each panel will create between 200 – 400 watts per hour which is then converted into kilowatt hours (1 kWh = 1000W). Once you have decided on the number of panels you are going to have installed, you can then work out your annual production of kWh and compare it to the electricity you produce to get a clear idea of how much energy you are able to create.

Will My Solar Panels Power My Home Completely?

The answer to this question depends completely on the number of panels you install and the amount of electricity you use in your home. For properties that use lots of air-con, heating, and gadgets, it is likely that you will still have to pay something towards your energy bills, albeit a much lower amount. However, if you maximize the number of panels you have and are a frugal electricity user then you will probably find that you make more than you can actually use, allowing you to sell it to the network to disperse to other properties.

Does Energy Collection Differ By Location?

Yes, as some areas have more sun exposure than others but this does not mean that solar panels are not a good choice in colder climates. In fact, when you choose an expert installation service, they will work hard to position your panels in the best location to maximize your solar potential, helping you to keep your bills as low as possible for as long as possible. If you want to increase the amount of energy you collect, then you can also increase the number of panels you install, helping you to level out the energy you collect no matter where you are located.

Is it Worth Installing a Solar Panel in Calgary?

The great thing about solar panels is that they work in all locations, providing a solid energy source for property owners, even when it is cold and cloudy. If you live in Calgary, then you are in a great location to opt for solar panels and can look forward to cutting your energy bills significantly!

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