Why Solar is a good idea for your business

Now is a great time to invest in solar panels for your business. Energy costs are on the rise and installing commercial solar panels has never been this affordable.

Consumers are more concerned than ever about making greener environmental choices, increasing pressure on businesses to reduce their environment footprint.

Alberta is one of the sunniest places in Canada and makes it a great place to install commercial solar panels.

Contact Panel Upgrade Experts to see how you business can benefit from commercial solar panels.

Commercial Solar

Harnessing the sun’s power to capture solar energy creates a more sustainable future for our planet and your business.

Clean Energy

Many customers are making choices for cleaner energy, so you can do your part installing commercial solar panels and have your customers feel even better about doing business with you.

Lower Your Electricity Costs

Installing solar panels on your business’s building can instantly reduce your monthly energy bills.

Reduce Your Footprint

By committing to green energy and sustainability, you can reduce your environmental impact for years to come.

Make Use of Your Roof Space

Make your empty roof space work for your business, installing commercial solar panels will turn your plain roof into a source of green energy.

Why Choose Panel Upgrade Experts for you Businesses Solar

Panel Upgrade Experts prides themselves on helping local businesses reduce their environmental footprint through sustainable energy options.

Commercial Solutions

Panel Upgrade Experts will design a custom commercial solar panel system for your business.  We will consider your location, size of your roof and property, and power usage to make a design that gets the most out of your solar investment.

Easy Installation

Our team at Panel Upgrade Experts will provide you with a detailed installation plan, with clear and concise communication along the way, making sure there is little to no disruptions to your day to day business.

The Experts Commercial Solar Installation Process

Virtual Estimate / Assessment of Your Property

Once you contact Panel Upgrade Experts,  we will do an assessment and analysis of your property, taking into account the orientation of your roof, obstacles and amount of sunlight received on your roof.  We will then call you to discuss your goals and expectations, explain and incentives applicable to your business and provide you with an accurate estimate.

Design and Setup

Once you approve your estimate, Panel Upgrade Experts will finalize the design of your commercial solar panel array, and obtain all necessary permits and applications required.  At this point in the process a deposit will be required.  We can also help with any incentives you may qualify for at that time.  Once all this has been completed we will schedule a time that work for your to move forward with the installation


We schedule a day that works for you and our team will install your commercial solar panel system to either a roof or ground mounted system.  We will connect your new solar system to your existing system and ensure your set up to sell back any excess energy to the local grid.

Follow up

After your solar panels have been installed, our team will ensure you understand how your system works and how it will be monitored and that you understand everything required as a new owner of solar installation.  We want to make sure you are confident in your new solar system  now and for the lifetime of your system.