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Welcome to our Solar Energy Section, Solar Panels in Calgary

Harness the power of the sun with solar panels Calgary to create green electricity. A global shift to greener energy sources is happening and Alberta is perfectly positioned to take full advantage of this. With its strong background in energy production and our sunny but cold climate Alberta is the ideal location for photovoltaic solar production.

With the recent technological advancements, installing solar panels in Calgary is now more affordable than ever before. Solar energy is a low-maintenance, reliable energy source. At the same time, it reduces greenhouse gas production and the reliance on fossil fuels.

Panel Upgrade Experts offer a reliable and dependable service for Calgary Homeowners wanting to install solar panels in Calgary. Our expert technicians provide high-quality solar systems installations ensuring you have the green energy for years to come.

Katherine Shaver
Katherine Shaver
17:36 29 Sep 22
Paul and his team did an excellent job in fitting our new solar panels. They supported us through the entire process from applying for government grants to the installation itself, making the whole process both simple and smooth!This is second time we have used them in our home and as with the first time I was extremely happy with both their expertise and professionalism.They do a great job and I would certainly recommend them!!
Stephanie Loria
Stephanie Loria
13:07 08 Sep 22
We recently got solar panels installed by Paul and Panel Upgrade Experts. From the onset, Paul’s responsiveness and customer service skills put him ahead of other companies who provided us with a quote, and the competitive price he provided made the decision easy. Install happened quickly, cleanly and with just the right level of communication. Jill in the office was always responsive and kind. Can’t say enough about this company; it feels good to be in capable hands. High recommend.

We combine HD aerial imaging, LIDAR, and high-res shading analysis.

Panel Upgrade Experts uses the most advanced design and planning software available. We combine HD aerial imaging, LIDAR, and high-res shading analysis to provide the most accurate and efficient installation possible.

Solar Panel – FAQ

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

The installation cost of Solar Panels Calgary is dependent on multiple factors and is unique to each property.

Firstly, the cost will be determined by the power you would like to off-set. This will give us the size of the array we will need to install. With this we will be able to construct a material cost for the solar panels along with the inverters and mounting hardware. Labour, permits and any upgrades to the existing infrastructure will also be accounted for in the overall cost. The pitch and condition of your roof may also be a factor in the cost.

As each situation is different a full site assessment is the best way to determine the cost, but typically our residential solar panel systems in Calgary range approximately $9,000 to $17,000. This is not including any rebates or grants which can lower the cost.

Are There Any Grants or Rebates for Calgary Solar

Calgary Solar Panels are eligible for the Canada Greener Homes Grant. The grant is designed to make homes in Canada more energy efficient. With this grant you will be eligible to get a $1 per Watt off your solar installation to a maximum of $5,000.

Our customers also have a fast track option for the pre-retrofit evaluation.

For more information on the Canada Greener Homes Grant Click here.

Is there Financing Available for Solar Panel Calgary

We are partnered with FinanceIt for all of our electrical and Solar Panels installations. Just ask us about what options we have for full or partial financing.

Is Calgary a good place for solar panels?

Absolutely! Calgary is the sunniest city in Canada, boasting an average of 2396 hours of sun each year, spread over 333 days. Our cold climate also helps with solar production.

Our Solar Power Installation Services Includes:

We perform a free site assessment to ensure the suitability of PV solar for your property. We take into account your roof space and orientation, shading, and your existing electrical system. With this we can design a custom system for your property.
We design your system, and will often design multiple variations to ensure the best design is achieved for your home. This includes the initial cost, desired energy offset, aesthetics, and payback period.
We send you the proposed design showing the layout, estimated production and payback. We also send the written estimate with the cost of the system.
This is where the real fun starts. Our expert team will install the PV solar array and any modifications to your electrical system.
We take care of all of the permitting and applications required.
After the installation is complete we book the electrical inspection and request a meter upgrade if needed. We commission the system and provided any necessary training on upkeep and monitoring.
Panel upgrade Experts currently accepts cheque, cash (with prior notification) or Interac e-Transfer. We are also partnered with Finance It if you need to extend the payment period.

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