Replacement 100 amp Electrical Panel

100 amp Electrical Panel

This 100 amp Electrical Panel was a replacement for a old 100 amp Electrical Panel that installed when the house was built. The panel that was in installed was a 100 amps but the panel was outdated and we often see circuit breakers fail to trip properly when they get to old. Are recommendation is to change the panel if it is over 15 years old

Our electrician installed a new panel board as usual, this provided plenty of room for a panel plug and internet modems and router. We also installed a new circuit for the washer and gas dryer as neither of them were on dedicated circuits

Our electricians completed the 100 amp Electrical Panel change in one day, so they had power back on in the afternoon day.

The city of Calgary inspection was booked for the day after. The homeowner were able to let  the inspector in and show him the location of the panel. The city of Calgary inspector was very happy with the 100 amp Electrical Panel, and he passed the installation with no points that need to be rectified. We brought the current service ground to current code and installed bonding all the water, gas and sewerage pipes as we have to in many older houses

The owner was very happy with there new panel installation, and we look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Pictures of the installation 100 amp Electrical Panel Upgrade

Electrical Panel  electrica panel 100 amp panel Old Electrical Panel

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