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Aluminum Wiring and Benefits

Aluminum wiring can be termed to be a type of electrical wiring for residential houses that uses aluminum electrical conductors. It provides better conductivity to weight ratio than copper. Aluminum is also used for wiring power grids, including overhead power transmission lines and native power distribution lines.

At Panel Upgrade Expert, we have employed the use of aluminum wiring for electrical transmission for Calgary residents. It has a cost and weight advantages over copper wires. Aluminum wire in distribution applications and power transmission is still the preferred material today.

The COPALUM crimp connector which has been available for more than 2 decades, is the only system recognized by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission that offers a full and permanent repair and decreases the fire hazard in aluminum wire circuits. The COPALUM connector system attaches a copper wire to the old aluminum wires and is then crimped together, achieving a “cold weld” between the conductors.

This cold weld creates a permanent bond that expels electrical arcing or glowing connections and concocts a safer electrical connection at outlets, lights, switches, and circuit breakers.

Aluminum dilates when heated much more than copper. Too much heat can force the wire out from under terminal screws, weakening its connection to the attached device.  When the aluminum wire connections loosen, its metal is exposed to the air.

Exposed wiring is prone to corrosion and oxidation, which can further hinder electrical flow to outlets. Finally, aluminum wiring is less flexible and more fragile than copper. It’s susceptible to breaking or fraying over time, especially if it wasn’t installed properly.

Loose connections, corrosion, and warping increase the electrical resistance inside the wire. The more electrical resistance exists inside the wire, the hotter it gets. The hotter the wire gets, the more it enlarges. As the wire expands, the wiring connections become weak.

The problems with aluminum wiring and the potential damage those problems can cause do get worse over time.

Changing your home’s electrical wiring if you’re a resident of Calgary is very important and you shouldn’t attempt to do it yourself. Instead, let Panel Upgrade Experts help!

We are licensed and have the tools required to complete home electrical services very effectively.

The best way to prevent aluminum wiring fire hazards is to change your wiring. The best way to change your wiring is to hire Panel Upgrade experts.

Getting experts for the aluminum wiring repair in your home can be very hard. You need not worry much if you live in Calgary as Panel Upgrade Experts are here to make life easy for you. We would install all electrical connections in your home and also come for any repairs.

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