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Solar Products We Use: APSystems DS3 Microinverter

Solar Products We Use: APSystems DS3 Microinverter

At Panel Upgrade experts, we stand for educated decisions and want our clients to understand what solar products we use for our solar panel installations. We started a series of product showcases with the APSystems QS1A Microinverter.

This blog will cover our new product of the same brand – DS3 Microinverter. We will highlight its core characteristics and explain how it differs from the QS1A Microinverter.

What is the DS3 Microinverter?

The DS3 product is the third generation of dual-module single-phase microinverters. APSystems recently introduced it as the result of years of research and development in high-efficiency power conversion. The new microinverter is designed to get the most out of today’s high-capacity PV modules, with peak efficiency as high as 97.2%.

For consumers who already use the company’s previous technologies, the pleasant news is that QS1 and YC600 microinverters and accessories are fully compatible with the DS3 technology.

The DS3 Microinverter is a compact and innovative device with a lightweight design that makes it easier to use while maximizing power generation. The weatherproofing is improved by encapsulating the components in silicone, reducing stress on electronics and allowing heat dissipation.

DS3 Microinverter vs QS1A Microinverter

The design of the QS1A Microinverter makes it possible to connect the device to 4 PV modules, optimizing the solar installation process. One such device can generate up to 1200VA AC power.

The idea of the DS3 Microinverter is to make the device lighter with maximized power output. So, it features two input channels (instead of the previous four), each with independent MPPT and encrypted wireless Zigbee. The improved design has 20% fewer components than previous versions, allowing for increased dependability.

Unlike the QS1A product, the DS3 series offers a variety of models: DS3-S, -L, and DS3. This means that the inverter’s output power can better match your solar panels. However, if PV modules have a higher wattage, it will not negatively affect the microinverter’s performance.

The advantages of DS3 microinverter

The DS3 series contains a cutting-edge architecture, superseding the capabilities of conventional 1:1 microinverters. Compared to traditional devices on the market, DS3-S claims to have 37% more AC output and up to 60% more output power than the DS3-L.

Why do we use APSystem’s microinverters?

APSystems is a leading worldwide provider of microinverters, energy storage, and rapid shutdown devices for the solar PV sector. The company produces reliable and innovative MLPE solutions and is a best seller around the world. APSystems was founded in Silicon Valley in 2010 and now includes four global business units that serve clients in over one hundred countries.

At Panel Upgrade Experts, we pride ourselves on only using the best energy solutions and cutting-edge technologies. That’s why we offer our clients solar panel systems that will maximize their solar energy harvesting and last for decades. Please get in touch if you are interested in our solar installation services and would like to discuss your project further.

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