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Tesla sold over 48,000 vehicles in Canada in 2022, making it the third-largest luxury automaker in the country. 

Out of these, 2,601 vehicles are registered in Calgary. 

Tesla’s electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and the number of electric cars in Calgary has grown by an average of 72% from 2018 to 2022.

Tesla’s commitment to sustainability is a significant reason for its growing popularity. 

As more and more people become interested in owning an electric vehicle, the demand for home chargers in Calgary is also increasing. 

Tesla offers three types of chargers: the Level 1 mobile connector for slow charging, the Level 3 “supercharger” for fast public charging, and the preferred Level 2 wall connector for home use.

If you’re considering installing a Tesla charger at home, you should know that it is not a DIY task unless you’re a Calgary Tesla-approved electrician. 

Tesla has trained and partnered with certified electricians to install their chargers safely and effectively. 

Therefore, it’s recommended that you only hire a Tesla-certified electrician to install the charger at your home in Calgary.

Panel Upgrade Expert: The First Tesla Electrician Calgary

Tesla Motors has endorsed Panel Upgrade Expert, one of the first electrical contractors in Calgary, to install their EV charging systems. 

We specialize in both wall connectors and supercharger systems. The following explains why Tesla trusts Panel Upgrade experts as their approved electrician.”

  1. Installation by Trained Electricians: Our qualified electricians have experience complying with Tesla’s specific requirements when installing the wall connector.
  2. Compliance with Tesla Standards: We strictly adhere to Tesla’s high standards. This includes quality control, obtaining necessary permits, and undergoing rigorous inspections.
  3. Expertise in Tesla High Power Wall Connectors: In Calgary, Panel Upgrade Experts is known as the premier installer of Tesla High Power Wall Connectors. Tesla has chosen us not just for our technical expertise but also for our exceptional customer service and commitment to the highest-calibre installations.

We make every effort to provide the best possible experience, ensuring that your Tesla charging system is installed efficiently, safely, and according to Tesla’s exacting standards.

Why Choose A TESLA-Recommended Electrician in Calgary?

Choosing a Calgary Tesla-approved electrician is a wise decision that guarantees the quality and safety of your Tesla car charger installation. 

Tesla has certified installers who receive their installation education directly from Tesla. They communicate with Tesla before and after the installation to ensure everything is done correctly.

These electricians have the latest technological expertise and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements. 

They use the quality components that Tesla recommends and address your panel professionally instead of just getting the job done as cheaply as possible. 

This is essential, as it ensures that the installation employs the most current techniques and a deep understanding of evolving technology.

Tesla recommends their trained or partnered electricians due to their exceptional customer service and high-quality installation work. 

Tesla’s endorsement indicates their skill and commitment to delivering top-notch service and installations.

Tesla certifies and trains its recommended electricians, offering a licensed guarantee for their work. 

The certification signifies their comprehensive understanding and expertise in handling Tesla’s product requirements and installation procedures.

After the installation, Tesla-recommended electricians provide detailed reports to Tesla, including critical information such as service load calculations, measurements of wiring used, any additional work undertaken, and installation photographs. 

A level of detail is crucial for maintaining the electrical system’s integrity and adhering to Tesla’s high standards.

Tesla-certified installers insist on getting legally required permits and following local code regulations. 

This strict adherence ensures every installation complies with national safety standards and meets Tesla’s specific installation requirements.

In addition, some insurance companies might reject a claim if the installation does not adhere to the appropriate local code and licensed professionals.

In conclusion, a Calgary Tesla-approved electrician provides comprehensive services that offer peace of mind, knowing that your Tesla car charger is installed safely, efficiently, and to the highest possible standard.


Can a non-Tesla EV use a Tesla charger?

Non-Tesla EV vehicles need to have a CCS connector to use a supercharger. Those not meeting CCS communication and safety protocols cannot use Tesla chargers.

How long does it take to charge using a Tesla Wall Connector?

A Tesla Wall Connector can charge a Model S battery in 6 to 9 hours or a Model X battery in 6.5 to 10 hours.

How much is the cost of EV charger installation in Calgary?

Factors affecting the installation cost of an EV charger include the number of chargers, accessibility of the location, distance from the electrical panel and capacity. Sometimes you might need a service upgrade, or you may qualify for rebates. For more information, fill out a form or call us at 403-774-7460.

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