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Canadian Standards for Electrical Products

Every country has its own standards for electrical products. All the electrical products that are supposed to be operated within a country must fulfill the requirements of standards that are related to the electric power system, environmental codes, certification, and quality registration, etc. Like every country, Canada has its standards for electrical products to be used within the territory. There are variously associated which are guaranteeing the standards for electric products in Canada such as Canadian Standard Association, Canadian Electrical Code, and Canadian Electric Code Compliance, etc.

The domestic manufacturers of the electrical and electronic products are already fulfilling the electrical standards; however, the international products must also fulfill the needed standards and certifications. The electrical products to be used in Canada must also be registered under the Canadian Standard Association (CSA).

There are three principle activities for which the CSA is engaged.

  1. Development of codes and standards.
  2. Certifications on the basis of national and international standards.
  3. Registration for the quality of products.

The CSA Certification

The CSA certification is illustrating that the electrical products are obeying standards on a continuous basis. All certified electric products under CSA are also getting its trademark certificate to be displayed. The Canadian certification for electric products is vital for both consumers and producers regardless of the manufacturing country.

Process of Certification

The license holding CSA mark is only acquired after a complete evaluation and testing process. The CSA is visiting the company for its production facility and verifying the products which are manufactured under various tests.

Types of Certifications under CSA

There are four main types of certifications.

  1. Model Certification: This certification is for the most commonly used products.
  2. Witness Certification: This certification is for the product which is needed to be tested and evaluated at the facility of the manufacturer.
  3. Shared Certification: This certification is for the products whose report must be submitted to CSA after the evaluation and testing process.
  4. Category Certification: This certification is for the products which are in the area of rapidly changing technology as some products have a short lifespan and quick certification is needed for them.

Free Trade Standards

There is a free trade agreement (FTA) among the United States of America and Canada which is active from 1989 to date. According to this agreement, the trade of products must not be perceived as a blockage for having trade among both countries. Therefore, after FTA has been implemented along with the expansion of trade through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which is also comprising of Mexico, the organization of standards for the electrical products has taken place.

Under the better outcomes of FTA and NAFTA, the CSA and its underwriters’ laboratories incorporation are now in progress to work closely with each other involving the industries of North America as well. The aim is to organize the standards of the confined vicinities under FTA and NAFTA to coordinate on the course of certification procedures. This means that all industries related to electrical and electronic products have to manufacture under the same regulations, follow the same standards so that the consumers of the products find it unanimous.

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