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Paul, the Calgary electrician, who admitted not to have gotten far  in the national competition still earned a distinction as the FASTEST CALGARY ELECTRICIAN for the second year in a row and the wolf is ready to return for a third.

Paul is an unstoppable wolf in the industry as he started out at the age of 17 and has added value in the electrical community for 22 years. He is one of the best electricians in Calgary and has impacted positively in the commercial sector travelling from Canada to the UK till he launched a startup to save humanity. Panel Upgrade Experts specializes in renewable energy(solar energy).

The ideal national competition had different stages for both professionals and apprentices. Participants had 10 minutes to read instructions and understand the plan of the electrical installation to set up.

The wolf wasn’t distracted by the added pressure of the audience, “I had to summon courage to partake in the competition, it was an exciting experience, and the Canadian supporters were supportive, which helped,” he said.

 “I opted to change my strategy due to last year’s competitors. Previously, I spent too much time trying to make things appear faultless. I tried to focus more on speed this year but it didn’t seem to pay off as I had hoped,” he concluded.

Winners were selected by experienced judges based on different criterias, which included NEC(National electrical code) requirements, consistency of work, details of the installation of the panel, cuts, stability, circuit, safety and more.

Paul was still able to compete in the inaugural International Final, competing with the fastest electricians from the US, Australia and China. He was hopeful of performing better in coming years.

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