Electrical Panel

Electrical Panel – The Heart of your Electrical System

The electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system. Its function, along with the circuit breakers, is to protect you, your home and appliances. As an electrical panel ages the level of protection diminishes.

Our expert technicians provide dedicated services that includes installation of properly sized electrical panels, installation of high quality protective devices, proper grounding and bonding of metal pipe work and bringing installation up to current code.

Safety Increasing Solutions

Panel Upgrade Experts gives homeowners the opportunity to choose our specialty products and service that exceed the modern electrical code and provide a significant increase in safety. Whether you need a larger electrical panel for future expansion or you need to replace a 60 amp panel with a new 100 amp panel, we are here to help.

Panel Upgrade Experts panel changes can be completed within one working day, this means you will have power back on the same day. We combine high-quality materials along with expert electricians striving to provide only the best service to our customers. Our work ethic is second to none and many of our customers are friends and neighbors of past clients. We take pride in completing an electrical installation that not only looks great but will last a lifetime.

As an electrical panel ages the level of protection diminishes

Our Electrical Panel Upgrading Services Includes:

Our technical staff will evaluate your current electrical panel and review your planned electrical requirements to provide a detailed estimate of upgrading your panel completely free of charge.
Our qualified and experienced electricians will complete the installation of your new electrical panel professionally and on the estimated installation time.
All of our electrical panels come with a 10 year parts warranty from the manufacturer .
Our staff will book inspections on your behalf. We will also contact you the morning of the final inspection with the predicted arrival time of your inspector to ensure you the least amount of hassle
Our staff will contact you after installation to ensure everything lived up to expectations.
Panel upgrade Experts currently takes cheque, credit cards, or Interac e-Transfer

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