14 08, 2020

Canadian Standards for Electrical Products

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Every country has its own standards for electrical products. All the electrical products that are supposed to be operated within a country must fulfill the requirements of standards that are related to the electric power system, environmental codes, certification, and quality registration, etc. Like every country, Canada has its standards for electrical products to be [...]

12 08, 2020

Incentives for EV Owners in Canada

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The electric vehicle industry has set the world on storm because of numerous reasons such as there is no more use of fossil fuels which means the promotion of green energy. The environmental impacts are to be reduced along with using state of the art technology. The federal government of Canada has recently set some [...]

10 08, 2020

What is Solar PV System and How it Works

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Solar energy is captured through solar panels and is turned in to electricity for businesses and homes utilization. The sun is actually a nuclear reactor and is releasing photons continuously. Photons are actually packets of energy that are traveling about 93 million miles to earth from sun in time of 9 minutes. There are enough [...]

3 08, 2020

Different Types of Distribution Boards

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Do you know the process of delivering electricity to every corner of a house or building? The basic principle behind the distribution of electricity is very fascinating and easy to understand. The main process starts with the installation of distribution boards, electric panels, and circuit breakers. The main supply to house or building is through [...]

27 07, 2020

Types of Electric Sockets and Plugs in Canada

By |Sockets and Plugs|0 Comments

The alternating current (AC) sockets and plugs are connecting the electrical and electronic equipment with the supply of AC power in sorts of buildings either residential, commercial, or industrial type. However, sockets and plugs are different in different countries. The plugs and sockets are mainly differentiated on the basis of current, voltage, shape, type of [...]

20 07, 2020

Pros and Cons of Aluminum Wiring

By |Aluminum Wiring|0 Comments

The aluminum wiring had been in use since the invention of electricity. A war type situation had emerged in the 1970s regarding the use of aluminum or copper in the electrical wiring. The use of aluminum was because of the many good reasons that aluminum bears. Though, at the same time aluminum bears a lot [...]

13 07, 2020

Insights to Aluminum Wiring

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Aluminum is a very good conductor and has been used in wiring for a long time before copper was introduced. Aluminum is not more in use now as copper has been replaced with it. However, copper wiring is not considered as the wiring best feasible and suitable after 1980 and has been standardized as well. [...]

6 07, 2020

Identification of Knob and Tube Wiring

By |Knob and Tube Wiring|0 Comments

The knob and tube wiring system are also known as open wiring system. This wiring system came into existence when electricity and associated installations were allowed in domestic buildings. If you are planning to buy a house that was built before 1940, you have to get its inspection done before you make a decision. You [...]

1 07, 2020

How Circuit Breakers Work?

By |Circuit Breaker Panel|0 Comments

It is a mere fact that a circuit breaker is a mandatory component of an electrical system of a house or any building. This device is known for its safety mechanism that prevents certain damages that might incur due to electrical faults. By the time when avalanche or surge current is passing through the wiring [...]

29 06, 2020

Circuit Breaker Panels

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It is a matter of great importance that we all must know of the circuit breakers, its operation, and maintenance if necessary, in an emergency. The circuit breaker box is located in every house somewhere. In a few houses, it is located in the garage, in a few, it is in the basement, while in [...]

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