One Hundred amp Power Panel

Discover how our electricians upgrade a 100 amp Power Panel

Power Panel

One of the jobs our Calgary electrician at Panel upgrade experts do more than any other is replacing a 100 amp Power Panel

We discover a great many out-of-date plus worn out power panels, which were overcrowded and also poorly set up.

Along with house, owners adding to the actual electrical system the actual electrical panel can certainly end up looking a significant clutter. If the electrician completing their work in your residence is actually unlicensed as well as unaware of residential electrical systems (which many aren’t) they’ll produce a harmful chaos of wires, and reduced the safety of your electrical system.

One other issue using older fuse panel is certainly the age! Often the breakers protecting the circuits within a Power Panel have only a restricted life cycle. Something inside ranges from 10-15 years. After this time period, the amount of safety is normally very much depreciated. Many of us feel should the circuit breakers don’t trip and then things are all good. This is often quite contrary. We perceive most cases and then there is actually a problem on the circuit but the breaker stop being functioning along with the circuit breaker doesn’t trip. In these cases, absolutely nothing is safeguarding you actually, you and your family or perhaps your family home.


Typically the Power Panel upgrade above has been carried out in 1 day. This kind of work incorporated removing the previous Power Panel. We also installed a completely new wider panel board, and also a vapor barrier. The homeowner seemed to be really happy with the assembly, and also had a large number of kind thoughts to say on the Calgary electrician that put in the particular panel.

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