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100 Amp Panel Replacement Step By Step

The following few pictures are from a 100 amp Panel Replacement our electricians carried out very recently. Our electrician took pictures at key intervals throughout the day and we include come running commentary alongside the pictures.

The Old 100 amp panel

This is the electrical panel before we started work on the 100 amp Panel Replacement. It is the original panel from when the house was build. Circuit breakers only have a limited lifespan (same as any appliance) of around

15 to 20 years. It is our recommendation that any panel over 20 years old needs replacing right away.

As you can see the panel and panel board are quite a mess. This is form years of add-ons. The owner was planning renovation but the panel was to small to accommodate any extra circuits. Some of the circuits had multiple circuits in the breaker. “Double tapping” two circuits off one breaker is against code and is outright dangerous.

The New 100 amp Panel and panel board

In this picture you can see the new 100 amp Panel Replacement. Our electrician also installed a new larger panel board (the wood behind the panel). 

Our electrician moved the panel over slightly as a waste pipe was in front of the old panel. 1 meters clearance is needed in front of the electrical panel, so we moved the panel over to allow for this clearance

Connections in the 100 amp Panel Replacement

Once the electrical panel has been mounted, it’s time to dress in the wires. The wires coming into the panel feed all the circuits of the house. There is also a pipe leading to the garage. 

The pipe needed to be shortened a little to accommodate the moving of the panel. Our electrician take extra time and care to ensure a high quality of the finished job.

The finished new 100 amp Panel Replacement

The new finished 100 amp Panel Replacement on the new panel board. The homeowner now has the increased capacity for the planned renovations, along with a higher level of protection with the new circuit breakers