We Do It All

While we are panel upgrade experts, we are also full service electricians who provide a wide range of services. Our other services include aluminum and knob & tube rectification, renovations and more.

The Electrical Services Panel Upgrade Experts provide – Electrician Calgary

  • Initial inspection of electrical system
  • Disconnection and removal of old panel/service
  • Installation of new panel/service.
  • We ensure all work is completed to electrical code.
  • We take care of all City of Calgary permits.
  • We book City of Calgary inspections.
  • We also arrange the reconnection of power once installation is complete.

Panel Upgrade Experts

Here’s a list of some of the jobs our electricians can do for you.

We replace old and outdated electrical panels with new safe units. If you are renovating or have an older home you may need a panel upgrade.
Older homes may have 60 or 70 amp panels, this is not enough for today’s technology. 100 amps is the minimum code for most homes in Canada. However more power could be required for a hot tub or air conditioning.
Is your electrical meter inside your house, or are you building an extension and the meter is in the way? We can help by moving the electrical meter.
We can both raise overhead power lines or change the location that they attach to your home.
We install both main panels and subpanels in garages.
Renovating? Call us to see if you need a new panel. We can also take care of the rest of the electrical work you may require.
Panel Upgrade Experts can even rewire your entire house if needed. We rewire older homes wired in knob and tube or aluminum wire.